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Benefits of Overseeding

Low fertility, combined with summer stresses, diseases and compaction dampens the ability of turf grass to naturally ‘fill-in’ or thicken your lawn. These stresses create many bare areas, some very small and some quite large. The overseeding process thickens the lawn by placing new seed, and ultimately new grass plants, into these bare areas.

Core aeration and overseeding is one of the best ways to repair your lawn if it’s showing signs of weakness.  Even if your lawn doesn’t require overseeding, We think it’s beneficial to add core aeration to your lawn care program.  In core aeration, you are introducing air into the soil of your lawn, using a machine called a core aeratorThe core aerator works by having several hollow metal tines simultaneously dig into your lawn, removing sections of soil.  These sections of soil are called plugs.  These plugs remain on the surface of your lawn until they naturally get broken down which can take a couple of weeks.

Benefits of Aeration

1. It breaks down thatch.  A layer of thatch can suffocate your lawn.

2. Reduces soil compaction which allows roots to grow deeper.

3. Provides air to the root system of your lawn which makes healthier roots.

4. Allows fertilizer and water to access root zone easier.

5. When done with overseeding it makes for optimal conditions to grow seed.

The seed can get into the voids left behind from the aerator and this makes for good seed to soil contact.

When is the Perfect time to Aerate your Lawn?

As with most larger lawn projects, such as planting grass seed, it's best to aerate during or right before the time your grasses reach their peak time for natural growth. Aeration is good for lawns, but it can stress grass if timed improperly. Never aerate dormant lawns.  For cool-season grasses common in northern lawns, early fall or early spring are the best times for aerating. 


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