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Yard Cleanups – Doing Something to Everything 

When it comes to cleanups, White Pine Landscaping does skimp. We believe that the purpose of a cleanup is to begin or end each season with a clean slate, and to reset your property to its best possible look. Because each season is different, we offer three main types of cleanups. 

Spring Yard Cleanups in RI 

As the winter weather finally starts to lift, and the last bits of snow melt away, it is time to get your yard ready to shine again. We will focus on removing the debris that has gathered on your property over the course of the winter, as well as any dead plants or snow-damaged bushes and trees. Garden beds that have lost their definition will be re-edged and shrubs will be given a light trimming as needed to restore their shape. The spring cleanup is often the best time for mulch installation, which can be scheduled at the same time. 

Summer Yard Cleanups in RI 

While summer cleanups are not as common, White Pine Landscaping does offer a light cleanup package to rejuvenate your property in the middle of the season. This is the perfect time to touch up bushes that need trimming, tighten the edges on flower beds, and tackle any small projects in the yard. 

Fall Yard Cleanups in RI 

The main focus of the fall cleanup is to remove the fallen leaves from your yard. While New England foliage is famous for its beautiful colors, fallen leaves can quickly become messy, and may even negatively effect the soil chemistry in your lawn if they are left to decompose. In addition to leaf removal, White Pine Landscaping will carefully cut back the perennials around your home. Perennials often become prone to problems with pests and disease which lie dormant in their fallen foliage during the winter and emerge in the spring, so cutting them back in the fall becomes essential to their long-term health. Our fall cleanups will also include trimming of any overgrowing shrubs. 

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