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Rhode Island Winter Maintenance – Don’t Let the Snow Slow You Down

Snow might look beautiful through the window, but it can quickly become a real hassle, or even a serious safety concern. White Pine Landscaping can take care of your drives and parking lots and allow life to get back to normal as quickly as possible. 

To keep pricing simple and fair, we use a tiered system to price our snow maintenance services. We’ll come out your business to get a sense of the layout and size of your property and to learn from you what your needs are for the winter. Once we have gathered that information, we will provide you with a quote free of charge. Our services include plowing, sanding, salting, walkway shoveling and mailbox clearing. 

Plowing Pricing – Why the Cost?

At White Pine Landscaping, we are committed to offering fair and reasonable pricing to all of our customers. To do so, we must balance many different factors, including time spent at each job, materials and equipment used, size and accessibility of the property, and the reasonable price range for the local market. Once we have taken these and other factors into account, we are than free to offer our customers the most reasonable price possible. 


When it comes to snow plowing, the main factors in pricing are the size  of the area we have to clear and walkways. In general, larger properties will take longer to remove the snow, and will therefore be charged at a higher rate. However, while size is a major factor, the shape and layout of the property can often be an even more important concern. 

The final main factor which affects pricing is the amount of snow which falls during a storm. If you get a very light snowfall which only takes us a few minutes to clear, we will be able to charge you less than we would for a heavy, high-volume storm. We price these differences in snowfall by multiplying the base plowing price of each property by an increasing rate, up to a 100% increase for storms which drop over 12 inches of snow and which require two separate trips. 

Mobile Quotes – Find Your Price Today

If you would like a fast and easy pricing for your commercial  property, we would love to offer you a free mobile quote. Just email or text us a picture(s) of the areas you would like us to clear of snow, as well as your address, and we will get back to you with a quote within 1 business day. If you would like to combine plowing with any of our other services we can offer a discounted package deal. 

Contact us now to set up snow plowing services at your or commercial location.

Commercial Properties – Stay Open for Business 

We’ll clear your parking lot, including parking spaces and all visible walkways. As the snow piles up outside, you might worry about clients having trouble parking by your business. Parking lots can become filled with packed or powdery snow, making it almost impossible to navigate safely. Don’t panic. People trying to get to your store, office or clinic won’t have a problem parking, exiting their cars and walking safely across the parking lot. 

We also provide de-icing, salting to your commercial account. To prevent you and your customers from slipping, we’ll salt and maintain the sidewalks and flat surfaces around your building. You won’t ever have to worry about black ice or slippery patches. 

Call 401-710-1353 today to request plowing or de-icing at your place of business.

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